About half of bone tumor cases in Taiwan are treated at our center at TVGH. We have established a bone bank, abundant with donated bones, for use in various reconstructions of bony defects or allograft transplants.
Clinical Resources

How to Take the First Step

Please provide your CV & cover letter with planned duration and consult with our musculoskeletal tumor specialized orthopedic surgeons first. Contact us via online form OR email at drwuvgh@gmail.com.

Next Steps

After consultation with an orthopedic surgeon, please prepare and upload all required documents to TVGH Application Management System (TAMS).


Required Documents
English edition is required if the original documents are in other forms of language.

  • the digital passport-size photo
  • the copy of your passport
  • the copy of related professional license
  • the copy of your diploma and/or certificates
  • the letter of recommendation or the proof of clinical work experience with at least 1-year relevant professional experience. (This document must be less than 6 months old or signed within 6 months)
  • the curriculum vitae
  • the study plan, including study objective, period, subjects, the clinical study plan, and the names of Taipei VGH doctors that you would like to visit or follow
  • the copy of your health check report
  • If your training duration is less than 3 months, including your normal chest X-ray report done in 90 days prior to the start of your training revealing no suspicion of Tuberculosis (TB)
  • If your training duration is longer than 3 months, your chest X-ray for Tuberculosis, serological tests for Syphilis and proof of Positive Measles and Rubella Antibody are required as well
  • Please also note that if the test result demonstrates that you do not have enough Measles IgG or Rubella IgG antibodies, you will need to receive MMR vaccine and provide proof document to us
  • the proof of your personal travel and health insurance approximately above NT$1,000,000 that will cover the dates you travel and study in Taiwan.

Application must be submitted at least 4 months prior to the desired training date with all required documents.

Please submit application via TVGH Application Management System (TAMS). TAMS will not save your application before submission.
To apply, click to check  TAMS website.

For Covid 19 Restrictions

During the pandemic, all foreign fellows visiting for medical training purposes require 14 days of quarantine and 7 days of self-health management with 2 Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) testing. Please note, tourist visa is not permitted to enter the country yet.

To Get a Clinical Visiting Visa

Taipei VGH will provide applicants an invitation letter issued by Ministry of Health and Welfare. Applicants should manage themselves to get valid visa and passport to cover the whole length of the study period. Please consult your local travel agents or refer to Ministry of Foreign Affair & local Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office.


Hotels or Hostels

For temporary visits, please refer to the following websites. They are recommended by previous visitors; however, we don’t take responsibilities in managing complaint or dispute.


TVGH Residential Hall is located at the east of the hospital. The Housing Office is on the first floor of the Residential Hall, closed on holidays and weekends.

Types of room:

  • Shared room costs NT$3,400 per person per month
  • Single room costs NT$500 per person per day

Please note our residential hall will be renovated for several years, starting from 2016. Not all types of rooms are available during renovation. The Department of Medical Education could not guarantee any availability of onsite housing. Please arrange your accommodation before you arrive.

Frequently Asked Questions


Taipei VGH gives no credits to international trainees. The trainee qualified for the regulations of Taiwan Ministry of Health and Welfare may request a TVGH training certificate.

Clinical Date and Period

For foreign medical professionals may engage in clinical training at a teaching hospital for a maximum of two years, which may be extended for no more than two years upon MOHW’s approval.


White coats must be self-prepared. Business casual attire is required.

International Fellowship Experience Sharing
  • Daily Life Vlog by Dr. Abi Tud


  • Questions and Answers by Dr. Abi Tud