Getting treatment in Taiwan is possible and affordable.
Musculoskeletal Tumor Therapeutical and Research Center at TVGH offers comprehensive medical treatment services for international patients.
How to Take the First Step

Contact us via online form for an initial medical consultation with an orthopedic surgeon OR by email OR schedule an online consultation via zoom meeting, service provided by 3rd party, Medical Secretary.


Next Steps

The International Medical Service Team at TVGH will provide patients cost estimates based on treatment plans. We will assist patients' Visa application, administrative paperwork, travel plan, and other questions.

For Covid 19 Restrictions

During the pandemic, all foreign patients visiting for medical purposes require a certain level of emergency regarding diagnosis and treatment. Please note, tourist visas are not permitted to enter the country yet. The Cost is relatively high due to the quarantine period, 2 Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) testing per person, specific transportation service, and other fees. For quarantine, a patient and one family member will stay at the hospital as the special arrangement during covid 19. The total cost for quarantine only is approximately NTD 300,000.

Above arrangement doesn't apply to foreign patients who hold a Taiwanese ID and have family in Taiwan.

To Get a Visa for Medical Visiting

For patients who need a visa to enter Taiwan, please prepare the following document in advance. The International Medical Service Team at TVGH will provide an invitation letter for patients to apply for a medical visiting visa at TECO. We recommend patients book flight tickets and arrange accommodation after getting the visa.

  • Passport (valid at least for the next 6 months)
  • Financial Statement (Official Bank Statement w/ USD 30,000 per person visiting) OR official guarantee letter from insurance with coverage of USD 30,000 per person visiting OR guarantee letter from Taiwanese family/ relative.
  • Proof of family relationship (most cases don't require)

For bone tumor patients, you are welcome to stay at Taiwan Osteosarcoma Caring Association when there is availability. (Contact us for arrangement)

Hotels or Hostels

For temporary visits, please refer to the following websites. They are recommended by previous patients; however, we don't take responsibilities in managing complaint or dispute.

Medical Cost & Charge

The new charging standards for foreign patients without Taiwan National Health Insurance card/ ID card at TVGH updated on May 1st, 2020.

Outpatient Clinic/Emergency Room
  • Registration Fee NTD 500
  • Consultation Fee NTD 1,500
  • Outpatient Patient Facilitator Service Fee NTD 2,000
Inpatient Service
  • General Admission Service NTD 5,000
  • Inpatient consultation and nursing fee: 3 times of the standard payment according to NHI standards
  • NHI Reimbursement Item: 2.21 times of the payment according to NHI standards
  • Out-of-Pocket Item: 1.7 times of the payment based on the standard approved by Taipei City Government Department of Health

For sample expenses from previous patients, please refer to the Medical Cost Samples & Estimates page.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make an appointment without Taiwan National Health Insurance or ROC ID?

Please contact us via online form, we will coordinate with the International Medical Service Team at TVGH to assist you.

I have Taiwan National Health Insurance or ROC ID. How can I make an appointment?

Please make the registration via TVGH website.
For initial visit, patients are required to fill out a first visit form at the counter of the First Outpatient Building. For the return visit, patients may make the appointment through the website.

How long does it take to receive a medical Visa?

The official document will be processed after the doctor submits your medical plan. It usually takes 5-7 working days, and the final document will be sent to patients to apply for a medical Visa at TECO.

How can I know the approximate medical expenses?

When doctors submit your treatment plan, we will estimate the cost based on your diagnosis and planned procedures. For hospitalization cost, Patients are required to prepay the estimated medical cost. After the treatment is done, the rest of the money will be refunded.

Can I pay the expenses by credit card?

Yes, we provide all of the patients to pay by credit card.

Do you receive patients who have insurance coverage?

Currently, no insurance companies have a contract with TVGH, patients must pay the medical fees first, and claim their medical cost to their insurance companies with the medical receipts and documents.

What are the transportations to & from the hospital?

The most convenient one may be the Taipei MRT system. There are many public bus lines as well. Taxis are also widely available.